The Bamboo Barn

aka casa de figgy (our NEW event spaCE!)

BB dressed barn.jpg

The Bamboo Barn was constructed from a host of salvaged and found materials: 150 year old factory beams, found century-old bricks and granite for the foundation, 100-150 year old barn siding boards for the floors.  The floors are the central character of the space and took over 9 weeks to plane, size, and install.  They are a combination of red & white oak, pine, spalted hictory, walnut, poplar, and some beautiful mystery boards.  We put the “cleaned” size face down and the weathered/kerf-marks, face-up; they are a variety of widths and sizes. The barn also has a focal point elliptical pre-Civil war, pastel water glass church window salvaged from a Marietta church, 300 year old doors and sidelights from France, stunning 1930s Tudor & Art Deco chandeliers, and a host of reclaimed French doors and windows.  Note the transom windows placed high on the gable ends—they began life as cabinet doors in old houses.  Our vintage cabinet hailed from Pennslyvania from the mid 1800s and began life as a built-in.   The chippy-paint barn doors were removed from an early 1900s barn in upstate New York and installed on our artist-made metal track.  The heart of pine French doors behind them were sourced locally from an Ormewood Craftsman bungalow built in the 1910s.  Take in the smell of wood—some is very old barn wood, some boards are live edge cedar or oak, all interwoven to complete a whole picture. The barn comfortably seats 50+ people at tables, boasts heat & air and full electrical. It’s a great place to celebrate your new union, renew those vows or throw a llama themed party. Contact us for info!