Meet our family



Kara had a treehouse as a little girl, built by Pop-Pop (her grandfather) and her Daddy. Apparently, a childhood treehouse truly takes root in the psyche and eventually blossoms into reality! Kara’s mother, Jeanie, was an entrepreneur and bought houses to renovate and sell. Both Kara & Kate grew up in 1700s & early 1800s brick Federal-style homes in which architecture, restoration, and renovation were a part of their daily lives. Kate loves staging, fine linens, selecting delectable chocolate treats, and curating a beautiful stay in the treehouse. She excels at making guests feel welcome and pampered. Walker has a passion for acting and the arts. She excels at hosting our Alpaca Llama Experience. She also enjoys hosting her annual birthday party in the treehouse.

To say that Kara and Kate made my stay wonderful is simply an understatement.

Our farm's beginnings…

Kara's love of gardening and animals drove her to plant apple, peach, lime, fig, pomegranate and banana trees, as well as fruit-bearing bushes and an Italian grape vine. Chickens and ducks were a no-brainer (they help weed and eat bugs!) and quickly became a passion. A few years later, a barn was constructed from reclaimed cedar, stained glass, and 1800s porch posts from a Cabbagetown Victorian. Alpacas arrived from Southern Maryland. Then llamas (all rescues). We believe that our llama,Dali, is the closest creature to a unicorn in existence.  And Figgy is such a ham; she will steal your heart (and a carrot).



Our beautiful Alpaca Treehouse…

 After awhile, the bamboo seemed too magical not to share, and a treehouse sprouted in the middle of the bamboo forest - assembled of reclaimed trees, siding, stained glass, heart of pine floors, colorful beaded board, and reclaimed French doors and windows. A wrap-around balcony was added to provide the perfect vista of the bamboo forest floor and the magical llamas that roam throughout.

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