Pickleshrub Farms & Alpaca Treehouse

[our animals - your new friends]


We love our animals and can't wait to introduce you! Our 3.5 acre East Atlanta farm spans three properties and includes four very spoiled Suri alpacas (they have dreadlocks), two mama llamas (bring along organic baby carrots and you'll make some friends!) and a rescue duck named Goose. We also have a host of chicken breeds including three that are rare or endangered: the Ayam Cemani - an Indonesian variety which is as reflective as an oil slick and black inside and out, the Russian Pavlovskaya - a flashy, fluffy-headed, bearded chicken (only one was left in the world in 1984!), and finally, our Swedish Orusts - white & black birds with webbed toes designed for navigating the surf when hunting for fish or kelp. The Orust roosters have pale yellow earlobes that turn vivid purple when they're upset - warning the hens of danger even when the roar of the surf drowns out their calls. We breed these specifically to increase their population.

You can come stay for a night or several. Or schedule an hour tour to take our Experience, which gives you a sampling of the herd history, bamboo forest, apiary (honeybee yard), treehouse and other buildings.