Alpaca + Llama Experience

[ experience The Fuzzy Magic Of OUR BEAUTIFUL HERD!]


Get up close and personal with our sweet, fuzzy, large-eyed herd of spoiled lady llamas and alpacas as they relax in their home: either their charming reclaimed barn (complete with chandelier and antique Victorian stained glass) or the beautiful and exotic bamboo forest. Learn about each animal’s personal history and stories, then hear about some of the history of the species and their relationship to each other and camels. We will feed them baby carrots, take selfies, group photos, and bond with intelligent “land dolphins.” I can almost guarantee you’ll fall in love with these sensitive sentient fuzzy beings during your hour long experience.

We will also explore some of the buildings (crafted of reclaimed wood), take a look at the apiary (honeybees), and check out the magic of 1940s giant bamboo forest and see our famous Tree House.

Email Kara or text directly for a discounted booking: 678.595.0038.

You can also book the Atlanta Alpaca Llama Experience via Airbnb!